How to Transition from Hourly-Based Pricing to Value-Based Pricing

Learn the benefits of setting your value based pricing for you and your clients

Tuesday June 9
Virtual Online
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM


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Calling all creative entrepreneurs! Did you happen to say to yourself, "I'm totally raising my price in 2020!"? Raising prices is one way to save you from being completely stressed out & burning out because you can avoid getting into the game of "racing to the bottom." But it has its own limitations. 

If "increasing revenue" is on the top of your list, you want to consider "value-based pricing,” especially if you are currently charging by the hour. This workshop is for you if you are tired of trading time for money & want to stop playing small!

After taking this session, you will learn: 

  • Key benefits of value-based pricing for you and your clients.

  • How to go about setting your prices.

  • Smart ways for announcing your price change.

  • Tips for being able to charge a premium.

About the Instructor:

Maiko Sakai, the founder of Airtight Concepts, is a lead strategy consultant a.k.a. secret weapon, confidant, silent partner to her clients who are creative entrepreneurs with the desire to build a high-functioning, profit-generating machine of their dreams. 

She is also the creator of business strategy programs, “Define + Refine Your Profitable Niche” & “Business Optimizer 360.” As a self-proclaimed “Queen of Counterintuitive Strategies,” she provides effective but not-so-conventional strategies to boost sustainable profitability for her clients’ businesses by utilizing both quantitative & qualitative assessments. Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Maiko considers herself a New Yorker, loves ethnic foods of all kinds, and is a sucker for ultra-contemporary design & exotic houseplants. She earned her MBA from Johnson School of Management, Cornell University. Find out more: www.maikosakai.com