Instagram 101: Improving your IG Presence

Rebrand your Instagram to help maximize your freelance business’s opportunities

Tuesday February 11
Classroom 3
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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Many people are just not into social media; however, we are looking for easy and free ways to strengthen on our professional careers, and Instagram is that tool. When it comes to marketing yourself as a small business owner or freelancer, social media is the best way to drive new interest in your business and build your customer base. Instagram 101 will cover tips and best practices on ways of maximizing Instagram’s effect on your freelance business. 

Key learning outcomes

  • Create action steps that will allow you to leverage the platform

  • How to best use hashtags and tags

  • Using all app functions in order to optimize your SEO

  • Identifying your audience

  • Considering the vision of your storyboard

  • Consider how you approach story telling on your social media platforms


About the instructor:

Native New Yorker Terri Frohman spent over a decade as an art educator and education consultant before pursuing art full-time & Founding Handmade in  Brooklyn Collective in 2015, a women’s collective for creative freelancers in Brooklyn. Terri represented the city and state for the Art Teachers Association and spent the later years of her teaching career coaching first and second year teachers in their adjustment as educators, along with many other community initiatives. For the last five years as a mixed media artist, she has explored the use of photography, screen printing, digital collage, and film to best visually describe  concepts around mental illness, interpersonal relationships and art of storytelling through portraiture. Participating in group, solo exhibitions, artist residencies and other collaborations, she continues to develop her personal style as a visual storyteller. 

As the founder of Handmade in Brooklyn Collective, a membership-based women’s collective helps support artists in business through their journey as small business owners, as well as the use of community to support the transition from your traditional 9-5 to freelance. Along with the collective and its monthly meetups and other events for creatives, Terri will start 1:1 coaching for artists in business in 2020. www.hmbcollective.com @handmadeinbrooklyn :info@hmbcollective.com