Building a Sustainable Freelance Business

Get, Scope, Negotiate + Price Work While Taking Care of You

Monday November 19
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Classroom 3)


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This holistic workshop will build freelancers' capacity to get, scope, negotiate and price work with a mindset of being in power and prioritizing/integrating self-care and sustainability. We’ll introduce business skills, techniques, and tips to support the financial health and sustainability of your business, techniques for self-advocacy and concrete practices to employ an “in power” mindset to more effectively get, scope, negotiate and price work. This will include learning about yourself and how you relate to clients and navigate client relationships. The workshop will integrate simple wellness practices to support mind-body health, mental acuity, and productivity. It will equip you with greater self-awareness and self-responsibility to better navigate limiting beliefs/fears.


3 Things You Will Learn

1.Tools to build your self-awareness, self-leadership and self-advocacy as you conduct business

2.How to Find, Scope, Negotiate + Price Work

3.Simple wellness practices to integrate into your day to be centered and relate from your core with trust, equanimity, and confidence as you navigate client relationships

Instructor Bio:

Nita Baum is an entrepreneur, facilitator, coach and the founder of b*free, a social impact business and community focused on evolving the human experience of work for greater individual and collective sustainability and wellbeing. Individuals are the creative life-force of an organization, whether they are building and leading an org or working at one. Equipped with a holistic ecosystem view of the individual as mind-body-spirit at work, we design transformative live and online learning experiences and provide advisory, coaching and facilitation services to support freelancers and solopreneurs’ across your mind-body-spirit and business. We also work with mission-driven organizations to transform their cultures. Nita’s currently writing a book called Workplace as HealingSpace. Her first business, Alight, was a freelance consultancy focused on strategy and organizational change at US + global non-profit, corporate, K-12, higher education + government clients. She’s held positions in the government, education + the private sectors where she managed large teams + billion dollar plus budgets. She’s taught elementary through graduate level students and holds certifications in mediation, holistic nutrition /health coaching, restorative practices and yoga as therapy. An avid yogi, she plays the harmonium, has lived in Japan, Spain, DC + is a Native New Yorker. She has a BA from Columbia University + an MBA from GW School of Business.