Freelance isn't free workshop: know your rights as a freelancer

Learn about the Freelance In't Free law and how it protects NYC freelancers from nonpayment

Wednesday January 30
Classroom 3
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM


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The Freelance Isn’t Free Law was effective as of May 15, 2017 to provide basic protections for freelance work that include mandatory contracts, 30-day payment terms, payment agreement protections, anti-retaliation, legal assistance, and double damages. This law covers NYC freelancers who are earning 1099 income, owed over $800 of work in a 4-month period. In this workshop you will learn about the Freelance Isn't Free Law protections in place to better support freelancers in NYC, directly from experts at the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs in collaboration with Freelancers Union staff.

What You Will Learn: 

1. Understand the basic protections for freelancers under the Freelance Isn't Free Law

2. What to do if facing non-payment or late payment as a freelancer

3. How to be compliant with the law as a hiring party