Carving Your Path In Digital and TV Production

Learn the tools you need to launch a freelance career in film and television

Monday September 30
Classroom 3
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


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We admire the work of the Ava DuVernays, Mara Brock Akils and Spike Lees of the film world, but how did they rise to the top of their game? What steps did they take to fully embrace their creativity, and perfect their craft? And how can you do the same? 

This workshop is designed to help freelance creatives, production and post production crew navigate their way through the industry. We will provide tools for getting in the door of your dream job, building your network, developing your craft, and climbing the career ladd

You will learn: 

  • Tips on building new relationships, finding a mentor, and the importance of peer-to-peer engagement
  • How to define your niche within your industry, and identify the skills that will set you apart

  • What you should master in order to be a leading professional in your industry 

About the Instructor: 


Shirley Vernae Williams is a New York-based Super Producer who has overseen many groundbreaking television series, including History Channel’s “Alone” and “American Restoration”. In 2017, she post produced "Intent To Destroy" with award winning Director Joe Berlinger, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. Shirley has most recently served as a Story Producer for Refinery29, producing various series including "Shady" and "Anomaly," which generated millions of online views and continues to freelance with companies such as VaynerMedia and PublicRadio.TV producing branded content for multiple brands such as Comcast, Shell, Budweiser, Cadillac, Stella and many more. Shirley has launched Willie B. Productions, a boutique production company in honor of her late grandfather where she offers freelance script writing, project management, and various production services to her TV, film and web based clients.Find Shirley on social media  @ShirleyVernae.