How to Balance Parenting and Freelancing

Learn how to strike that balance between family time and freelancing

Thursday May 9
Classroom 3
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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There are just too many distractions in our world that keep us from being present.  From screens to people to sound bites. We have to become unstoppable in the face of these distractions. “The ABC’s of Being Present” is my signature system that allows us to be completely present with our family and to be completely present with our clients when we are with them. Creating a better life with better relationship, more joy, and more success.

Key learning outcomes: 

  • Learn tools to be consistently and completely present with family, friends, colleagues and clients
  • Create a Roadmap for designing a Whole Life for yourself filled with harmony, joy and success.
  • Discover the power of life/work harmony

About the instructor:

Kevin Ryan-Young is a Parent, Coach, Business Owner and Speaker. As a coach, Kevin helps business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs embrace the challenge of being a success in business while being an awesome parent.. He believes that all people should be seen, heard and able to impact the world as their fully expressed, authentic self. Kevin lives in Brooklyn, NY with his husband, daughter and two labradoodles. www.sunbridgecoaching.com