Intuitive Tarot and Astrology Readings for Health and Wellness

Schedule a healing astrology reading to empower you and unlock your full potential

Special Event
Thursday June 18
Virtual Online
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM


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We are excited to partner with MINKA to host mini healing sessions for our community.

An astrology reading is the perfect self-discovery and understanding tool. The natal chart holds everything you would want to know about yourself past, present, and future including influences connecting you to family, career, love, and your self-concept. 

Intuitive readings are a blend of interpretation of your natal chart or tarot cards with Carmen’s natural intuitive gifts.  Her interpretation style lends for a fuller scope of the situation including likely outcomes or how to improve the situation.

Tarot brings to light subconscious feelings, influences, and circumstances surrounding you or a situation. Tarot guidance works in the past, present, and future realities and gives helpful guidance for self-care, healing, making practical decisions, and steps to improve conditions.

The virtual energy healing mini sessions will be held in 30 minute slots from 10am-12am. We will simply need you to fill out this form to make an appointment for your one-on-one mini healing session!  After you sign up, the assigned practitioner will reach out to you separately for your assigned time slot. 

About the Instructor: 

Carmen Mayes is a Spiritual Wellness Coach, who uses a combination of wellness coaching techniques, astrology, tarot and Reiki energy healing to support clients through stages of personal discovery, personal growth, and healing. In addition to private sessions, Carmen hosts monthly lunar circles for women and shares practical insights via her website on how to incorporate astrology, lunar cycles, tarot, and other spiritual practices into our daily lives.

Carmen began her practice 4 years ago and has consistently evolved with the guidance of teachers, mentors, and like-minded peers.  She studied astrology under well respected astrologers Samuel L. Reynolds and Rebecca Gordon and is a Reiki Master (Shamanic and Usui Shiki Ryoho) and creator of https://writtennthestars.com