Ready, Set, Launch: An Artist Portfolio Website Series

In this four-part workshop, you’ll learn the skills you need to create, launch, and maintain a Squarespace website that will serve as your digital home.

Special Event
Monday May 6
Classroom 3
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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This 4-part, hands-on workshop is designed for artists who need a strategic portfolio site to showcase work, attract grants, commissions and/or bookings, and build an audience. No coding or web experience necessary! Ana will lead you in the essential elements of building a website: identifying your strategic goals, designing your website architecture, honing its look and feel, and implementing your designs.

This workshop will be held from 7pm-9pm on 5/6/19, 5/8/19, 5/20/19, 5/22/19. Please make sure you are able to attend all workshop dates. Attendance to all four workshops is mandatory as this is a cumulative workshop series! You will need to bring your own computer for each session, you will complete work both in session during the workshop and be assigned homework assignments. Ana will be available to do one-on-one coaching during the last workshop.

Learn more about each session below:

Discover 5/6/19

The first step in building a website is two-fold: you want to first identify your objectives as a professional working artist and then, identify your target audience. This will ultimately streamline the design process by giving us a scope for your website and helps us determine what must go on the site, including all media, text and other content. The goal for this session is for you to have thought through everything you need for your website so that everything is set up for when you start creating the site. This is a crucial step to the website making process that is often skipped.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Identify common mistakes/challenges in building an artist portfolio sites

  • Identify personal, professional, and audience objectives

  • Identify what you will need to be strategic when designing your website

Devise 5/8/19

The second step in building an artist website,  is taking your strategic vision from the Discover phase and designing your site architecture. At this stage, we will develop the look and feel of the website. We’ll also learn basic technical skills to get you started. We will create a squarespace account and get the domain name. We will spend time drawing out the architecture of your site on paper first before delving into building the website in the third workshop.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Understand how to turn strategy defined in Discover phase into design

  • Identify structure and flow through site

  • Perform initial technical tasks to set up website

Design 5/20/19

Look and feel:The third step is to learn more in depth how to use the Squarespace website builder by laying out the vision we’ve developed in the Discover and Devise phases. This is often where people jump ahead to and get stuck, but with the necessary preliminary work, this will be an easy, iterative process.This class will delve into the design and people will begin creating the site.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Apply strategy defined in Discover phase to design

  • Become comfortable in navigating Squarespace

  • Apply technical skills to build your website

Revise 5/22/19

The fourth step is to get the site launch-ready by revising and implementing final updates. By the end of this, you know exactly how you’re going to keep your site updated in the future.You will receive one on one coaching and feedback.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn feedback processes that will help you to revise website

  • Apply feedback into site revision

  • Establish workflow for keeping site updated independently

About the instructor:

Ana María Agüero Jahannes is a web designer and marketing strategist at Creative Entrepreneur Design, where they help artists and creative entrepreneurs create the careers they want through their online and print marketing channels. Ana is also an interdisciplinary artist, curator and creative producer. They create performances, gatherings, and public programs for queer and trans people of color to demystify the inconceivable, to nurture and challenge community, and to practice how we want to exist in space together.

Website: creativeentrepreneurdesign.com, IG: creativeentrepreneurdesign